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Our Garment Tech Pack Services at h2msstudio.com are designed to provide comprehensive and detailed specifications for your garment production needs. We understand the importance of clear communication and accuracy in the manufacturing process, and our tech packs serve as vital tools in achieving that.

Our Garment Tech Pack Services typically include:

  1. Measurement Charts: We create detailed measurement charts that outline the specific measurements and tolerances for each garment size, ensuring consistency and accuracy throughout the production process.

  2. Bill of Materials: We provide a comprehensive list of materials needed for your garment, including fabric, trims, buttons, zippers, and other components. This ensures that all necessary materials are procured and utilized correctly.

  3. Technical Drawings: Our team creates precise technical drawings that illustrate the construction details, seams, stitching, and placement of components. These drawings help manufacturers understand the design intent and ensure proper execution.

  4. Grading: We offer grading services to adapt the base pattern to different sizes, ensuring consistent fit across the size range.

  5. Manufacturing Instructions: We provide detailed instructions on the construction techniques, sewing methods, and any specific requirements for the production of your garments. This helps manufacturers produce garments that meet your quality standards.

  6. Label and Packaging Specifications: We include labeling requirements and packaging instructions to ensure your garments are properly branded and packaged for retail.

  7. Revision Support: We offer assistance and revisions throughout the process to accommodate any design changes or updates to the tech pack.

Our aim is to deliver accurate, thorough, and professional tech packs that streamline the production process, minimize errors, and facilitate effective collaboration between designers and manufacturers. We prioritize attention to detail and clarity to ensure your vision is accurately translated into the final product.

For more information about our Garment Tech Pack Services or to discuss your specific requirements, please visit our website or contact us directly.

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