Garment tech-pack or specification sheet

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Garment tech-pack or specification sheet

teckpack, design pack,collection, Specification sheet, apparel design, t shirtTech pack/Teck-Pack or specification sheet, is a detailed document used in the garment manufacturing process. It serves as a communication tool between designers and manufacturers, providing instructions and information for producing a garment according to specific requirements.

A tech pack includes various essential components:

    1. Technical Drawings: Tech packs include detailed technical drawings or sketches of the garment, showing the front, back, and side views. These drawings illustrate the design elements, proportions, and any specific features of the garment.

    1. Measurements: Accurate measurements are crucial in a tech pack. It specifies the dimensions of various parts of the garment, such as length, width, and circumference. These measurements ensure consistency and proper fit during production.

    1. Materials and Components: The tech pack includes a list of materials required for the garment, such as fabrics, trims, buttons, zippers, and labels. It specifies the quality, color, and source of these materials to maintain consistency and meet the designer's requirements.

    1. Construction Details: The tech pack provides instructions on how the garment should be constructed. It outlines stitching techniques, seam allowances, and any special construction methods or finishes necessary to achieve the desired outcome.

    1. Grading and Sizing: If multiple sizes of the garment are being produced, the tech pack may include grading instructions. Grading refers to the process of scaling the garment's measurements to different sizes, ensuring proportionate sizing across the range.

    1. Labeling and Packaging: The tech pack may specify labeling requirements, such as the placement of brand labels, care labels, and size labels. It may also outline packaging instructions, including folding techniques, bagging, and tagging requirements.

    1. Quality Standards: The tech pack may include quality control guidelines, specifying acceptable tolerances for measurements, fabric specifications, and overall product quality. These standards ensure consistency and adherence to the designer's quality requirements.

Overall, a garment tech pack serves as a comprehensive guide for manufacturers to produce the garment accurately and meet the designer's specifications, ensuring consistency in design, quality, and fit throughout the production process.

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